About ten years ago I reignited my interest in photography, initially focussing on modern architecture and landscapes in London and the south east of England. Since then I have taken well over a hundred thousand photographs.  Many of the images reflect my graphic design background through their abstraction, composition, and use of geometry.
My work is editorial and I arrange my photographs into sequences of images that describe my experience of a location or subject.
I have taken photographs since I was a child. Throughout my time at art school I took photographs, developing and processing my own film and prints, experimenting with different techniques such as solarisation and creating photograms. I either combined the images with my design work, or retained them as images in their own right.
During my design and television career I have used photography in my work.  While directing live action shoots I would use a stills camera to pinpoint camera angles during the recce and storyboarding process.
Last year I compiled a selection of my photographs in two books - Fragmented and Common Ground,  The process made sense of the photographs I had taken over the previous ten years and inspired the future direction of my work.  The plan is to publish these books.
My design work is at matthewpiper.design
Thank you.